Topsoil manufacture, land restoration and remediation

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Our nature-based solutions

We propose three types of solutions for land and soils :


Inoculated substrate and support for the implementation of our mycoremediation or soil restoration solutions.


Services, advice, support during works, follow-up during remediation works, management or restoration of soils for sites or brownfields valorisation.


Formulation and support for the production and sale of alternative topsoil.


SubsTer® alternative topsoil

Subster® is a soil engineering process for the formulation of alternative topsoil using quarry by-products or inert excavation earth from construction sites.

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Soil and ecological engineering, plant-based engineering

For the production of topsoil, soil improvement and restoration of degraded soils we apply, depending on the case, soil engineering, ecological engineering or plant engineering approaches.

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Phytoremediation and phytostabilisation

Phytoremediation is based on on-site pollution treatment by plants cultures. The objective of phytostabilisation is the reduction of pollutants mobility using plants.

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Mycoremediation of polluted soils and earth involves taking advantage of the ability of certain strains of lignicolous fungi (wood-degrading fungi) to produce substances (enzymes) to degrade substrates with a chemical structure similar to many organic pollutants. Mycelium may also fix heavy metals in soils.

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Topsoil manufacture

SubsTer® topsoil manufacture allows business sectors, such as quarries or sorting centers receiving excavated earth, to valorise and sell by-products or inert materials. Excavation, remediation or building contractors can also produce topsoil on site, aiming to avoid the use of natural or agricultural arable land.

Brownfield and sites valorisation and development

The restoration of degraded soils, the revegetation of sites and phytomanagement fit many applications: industrial and urban brownfields, redevelopment of quarries, real estate developments, agricultural lands, marginal sites, natural environments.

Contaminated land and soil remediation

Phytoremediation and phytostabilisation are applicable to various polluted sites and soils. Site valorisation is an important element in this context (see previous application).

Mycoremediation is best applied to soils with pollutants concentrations too high for conventional biological treatment, while remaining financially competitive with physicochemical treatment.

These technologies can also be combined for different applications.