Green infrastructure, site development and institutional support

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Our consultancy and expertise services

The solutions we propose in this context are consultancy and expertise services, possibly (but not necessarily) in combination with our environmental supplies and technologies.

Planning, investment and development studies

We participate to all stages of site or land development and urban regeneration (master plans, studies, capital and operational costs estimation, detailed studies, call for tenders, follow-up of construction works, etc.), either directly or in collaboration within a multidisciplinary team. We work on projects in urban, industrial, rural, agricultural or natural areas.


Ecological site management plans and watershed management plans

We carry out ecological management plans for different public or private spaces, such as parks and gardens, residential or office areas, industrial sites and quarries, agricultural production sites and natural areas. This in line with the primary function of the site. We may also monitor the plans implementation progresses.

Watershed management plans, to manage water and biodiversity is a particularly interesting approach to apply our expertise in these fields.


Public policies definition or evaluation

We support public authorities in defining and / or evaluating policies, while promoting nature-based solutions, eco-innovation and the circular economy.



Green infrastructure, smart cities

At metropolitan area and smart cities levels, our services apply to the study and implementation of green and blue infrastructures, to demonstrate and multiply their numerous advantages.

Housing, office, leisure or industrial sites development and management of natural areas

We study projects applied to any type of development, to integrate the multiple functions and benefits of bioinspired solutions and environmental technologies in our different areas of expertise.

Sustainable agricultural / forestry developments

The way we study and support the implementation of sustainable farms and forestry holdings is inspired by nature in terms of interactions between the living soil, water, plants, animals and biodiversity. We apply the principles of agroecology, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture and we draw inspiration, when applicable, from design approaches such as permaculture, keyline design, etc.

Planning policies and incentive policies

Our institutional support (definition and / or evaluation of policies) applies to planning policies and incentive policies for green and blue infrastructure, eco-innovation and the circular economy.