Nature-based solutions and green infrastructure

Solutions and ecotechnologies for the management and treatment of water, soil and waste, air pollution control, renewable energies, production and valorisation of biomass, eco-construction, green and blue infrastructure, climate change and sustainable agriculture.

About Naturem Solutions

Naturem develops and provides solutions inspired by nature and take part in their integration into green infrastructure or site management.

We position ourselves as your “one stop shop” and leading provider of ecotechnologies and solutions based on natural processes and biodiversity-related services in different fields of application. We have the nature-based solution to your problem.

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Creating more sustainable societies by integrating natural processes in land management and economic activities

Our solutions must comply with a range of criteria set out in our values. The respect of these values gives our solutions their many advantages.

Our particularity is to combine at the same time:

  • Practical experience in the type of activities and developments we apply our solutions to;
  • Technical and scientific expertise to develop and apply our solutions.

For that purpose, we apply eco-innovation, develop our own solutions through R&D programs and establish partnerships with other specialised companies.

Our solutions appeal to all categories of customers

  • End user: private or public owner, company, industry or farmer ;
  • Developer and project leader;
  • Project manager, design office, consultancy and architect;
  • Contractor in construction / building, earthworks, sanitation, land remediation, etc.;
  • Potential producer (quarries, recycling centres, etc.) interested in diversifying their activity into the circular economy.

Ours solutions

To meet the needs of our customers, we propose different types of solutions: supply of consumables and seedlings / inoculum, formulation, implementation and sales assistance, environmental technologies and processes (design and detailed drawings, construction follow-up, plantations and commissioning assistance) as well as services and advice for development plans and consultancy.
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Our difference

Bioinspired solutions and biomimicry

Bioinspired solutions and biomimicry

We develop and apply solutions based on and strengthening natural processes, as well as using ecosystem services. On that purpose, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to all our projects and developments.

Simplicity and multifunctionality

Simplicity and multifunctionality

The implementation and operation of our solutions are as simple as possible. However, they necessarily imply multiple functionalities and multiple benefits : technical, environmental, landscape, amenities, people and the local economy. Our projects require and allow a strong involvement of the different stakeholders and public participation.

Low cost and resources conservation

Low cost and resources conservation

Our solutions are financially competitive, limit energy consumption, take part in the circular economy and promote renewable resources and materials.

Resilience and regeneration

Resilience and regeneration

Our solutions provide resistance to disruptions (resilience) such as climate change, floods and drought and are a source of regeneration and improvement of resources, ecosystems, biodiversity and environments.


Our solutions answer several issues

We develop and propose our nature-inspired solutions in response to various technical and environmental issues, with economic and social implications. We aim to complement or replace conventional technologies and grey infrastructures that are expensive, single-benefit, complex and not always conveniently available, involve greenhouse gas emissions and are often waste generating.

In the field of soil and land, we focus on the land pollution and brownfields, on the degradation, erosion, sealing and reduction of arable land, as well as on the management of excavated earth.

Water-related challenges are qualitative and quantitative: pollution of water bodies, management and depletion of resources, disturbed natural water cycle and flood risks. The impact of waste implies its reduction, management, recycling and treatment. In addition to air pollution reduction, we strive to limit the impact and contribute to the fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity.