Water management and treatment

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Our nature-based solutions

We propose two types of solutions for water management and treatment:


Treatment and remediation facilities based on natural processes and environmental technologies.


Services and consultancy for sites and watersheds development plans, as well as for the construction of wetlands for different purposes


Ponds and constructed wetlands

Ponds and constructed wetlands can be designed purposely for water treatment. These ecotechnologies are bioinspired by the ability of natural wetlands to treat various pollutions, via interactions with substrate, plants and especially the associated microorganisms (phytoremediation).

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Vertical or horizontal vegetated filters or reed beds

Vegetated filters or reed bed are a category of constructed wetlands, as such they display all their benefits. These are wetlands with water flowing through a planted granular substrate. We design and apply the three main categories of vegetated filters (vertical or horizontal flow and combined).

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FILTRAN® combined vegetated filters

Developed by Cebedeau, the FILTRAN® process is a compact vegetated filter for the treatment of organic matter and optimised for the treatment of total nitrogen through nitrification and denitrification. The process combines in one step the advantages of unsaturated vertical filters and saturated horizontal filters.

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Phytotreatment and evapotranspiration beds

Phytotreatment processes, inspired by wet meadows and riparian areas, are based on water flowing through plants and / or soil of a dedicated facility. We also design evapotranspiration beds, allowing partial or zero discharge. They work by spreading the water flow over a planted bed with a sealed bottom, the plants being selected for their heavy water consumption and resistance.

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Mycofiltration involves percolating water through a woody substrate colonized by a lignicolous fungi (wood-degrading fungi). The filtering effect of the dense mycelium network and the release of enzymes can remove organic pollutants, heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria from water.

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Reactive substrates and soil-based treatment

Reactive substrates are based on water percolation through granular materials-filled beds or trenches, causing chemical modifications. For soil-based treatment, we rely on the natural purifying capacity of the soil and its microorganisms.

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Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS)

The sustainable management of stormwater and runoff is based on mimicking the natural water cycle (retention, evaporation, infiltration, etc.). Approaches to manage stormwater and runoff that take account and bring multiple benefits such as water quantity (flooding prevention), water quality (pollution control), improving biodiversity and amenity are called Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) or low impact developments (LIDs).

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Natural wetlands, flooding areas and ecological engineering

Ponds, wetlands and temporary flooding areas are part of green and blue corridors and provide many ecosystem services, improve biodiversity, eliminate pollutants, recreate the natural water cycle, provide flood prevention and climate change impacts resilience.

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Our technologies and solutions are adapted to different situations and types of water to be treated / managed. Our strength is to propose either standard and proven solutions, in some case as combinations of different processes, or tailor-made development for the application, in collaboration with the customer.

According to our values ​​and thanks to our international experience, our solutions are adapted to local conditions, be they economic, social, cultural and environmental, with the aim of optimising resources and long-term operation.


Wastewater treatment

Our solutions inspired by nature solve in many cases the search for the appropriate treatment of wastewater via natural treatment processes.

Contaminated groundwater treatment

Our ecotechnologies can be adapted to treat contaminated groundwater on-site and on a long-term basis, minimising operating costs and the need for monitoring and follow-up.

Sustainable management of stormwater and runoff treatment

Our solutions and combinations of green technologies fit naturally into the sustainable management / treatment train of urban or industrial sites stormwater. They are also particularly suitable for the decontamination and disinfection of agricultural runoff and drainage, as well as road stormwater basins.

Surface water quality improvement

We can act at two levels to improve the quality of surface water:

  • Interception and treatment of runoff water before reaching streams or at riverbanks level via constructed wetlands and buffer zones;
  • Watercourses or water bodies enhancement to improve self-purification, following the principles of ecological engineering.


Managed aquifer recharge and drinking water catchment area protection

To ensure the preservation of resources and recreate the water cycle, some developments aim to replenish aquifers using surface water, runoff or treated wastewater. In addition to pretreatment via our solutions, our expertise can ensure the use of natural infiltration processes in the soil and subsoil to manage contamination risks and ensure long-term operation. We can also design facilities and plans for drinking water catchment area protection.

Water reuse and recycling

Aiming to promoting a circular economy, our environmental technologies can be integrated to small or large-scale projects aiming to reuse or recycle water, whether for domestic, industrial or agricultural (irrigation) reuse or for drinking water production.

Integrated water management and resilience

Our expertise is also provided as services and advice for integrated water management on-site or at watershed scale. The aim is resources preservation and enhancement, but also to increase the resilience of a site or territory.